• Using ReturnAndReport.com for Custom Reporting

    ReturnAndReport.com is a system that allows you to gather information about anything from anyone. Imagine that you are responsible for a group of salespeople and you need their feedback on the sales in their regions on a weekly basis. To begin gathering this information is quite simple.

    • Create a form with a one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reporting schedule.
    • Add one or more questions to the form. Each question can have a separate answer for each reporter or a single answer determined by the last reporter who answers the question.
    • Add a list of the people who should answer these questions, otherwise known as reporters, by simply entering their Email addresses.

    Your reporters can be automatically reminded one or more times during each reporting period on a schedule that you specify. Your reporters can determine whether they want to be reminded by Email, SMS Text, or Voice Message or a combination of the three. Reporters can answer your questions by using any computer or mobile device.

    Optionally, you can set up alerts that will inform you in real-time when your reporters have answered your questions. These alerts can be sent to you or other reporters via Email, SMS Text, or Voice Message.

    There is no app to install for reporters, making reporting for first-timers seamless and easy. A special link is sent to your reporters that will allow them to access their personalized reporting screen.

    You can view simple, consolidated reports that clearly show the answers to your questions in real-time. Half-way through your determined reporting period, you will know how your sales has been performing so you can push harder for more sales near the end.

    You can use the ReturnAndReport.com tool for any case where you need to gather information from a group of people. You can even use it for personal use where you are the only reporter. Maybe you need to be reminded regularly to exercise, stop eating junk food, or perhaps you want to be reminded to enter your calorie intake multiple times in a day or a week. The possibilities are endless with ReturnAndReport.com. Let your imagination take over and it will save you time by removing annoyances of these types of administrative tasks.

    For custom reporting, the cost is only $4.95 per month for unlimited questions and reporters. This cost includes 200 Emails per month with additional Email messages charged at a rate of $0.01 per message. Optionally, you can enable SMS Text or Voice Messages. SMS Text Messages are charged at $0.02 and Voice Messages are charged at $0.04 per message.

    Register Today to see for yourself how ReturnAndReport.com can save you time and make you more productive!